This is where most of the words can be found:

 BANDS & BEATS will be your source for all sorts of music reviews. 

I’M GOIN’ OUT! will have some options if you want to hit the streets at night or the freeways in the day. From film openings to rock concerts to pizza joints to roadtrips, I’ll make suggestions and tell you about my journeys here.

If movie mayhem is more your speed, then click on FRAME FETISH for all the movies, television, and DVD talk.

NEWS SHMOOZE will be my attempt at current events - yes the SPIN starts here! 

EVIL KITSCH (Junk We Love) deals with the artifacts and advancements in pop/junk culture from my Colorforms collection to your Kubrik Doll collection, to our dedication to Fruit Stripes (no matter how quickly they lose flavor).

While not exactly rabinical studies, THE YID KID is my attempt at staying Jewish while not subjecting myself to gefilte fish.Have fun in here, but remember to take walks around your block whenever you can, and read a book for a change!