We gotta get out of this place if it’s the last thing we ever do! Sometimes it’ll be an opening/performance of some sort, but other times it’s cuz we just need to get out of HelL.A. A little road trip perhaps? Whether it’s P-Funk at the Music Box or no one on top of the old Ridge Route, you can find my suggestions and reactions in both, IN TOWN or OUT OF TOWN!If you want to read a review about what happened at these events, then you can click here for: ABOUT LAST NIGHT (KISS & TELL)MOVIE DATE? Though I can’t promise my tastes are date night material, but FRAME FETISH offers up my movie reviews.WHAT ABOUT FOOD? (not so) PICKY EATING should fill ya up.P-Funk at the FondaAfrika Baambaata and meChateau Marmont pool