yoohookid11.jpgOnce upon a time,there was this place called the Fun Dip Factory. was it just a room in suburban Long Island, or was it really a mythical place were friends consumed copious ammounts of candy and watched way too much scooby doo! The projects were very real, however, and it was in the original Fun Dip Factory where “The Yoo-Hoo Kid” came up with his manifesto, Tales of the Yoohoo Kid: The Portrait of the Fun Dip Generation, and it was there that Boo Berry came to me in a vision to tell me about the General Thrills conspiracy; which prompted the need for the Boo Berry Foundation, backed of course by SuperPlagiarsitic Productions.Was it a fight against the man or my naive desire to be Strong Island’s next Malcolm McLaren? Who cares, the end result was my first short, The Petition For Boo Berry, and an accompaniying canvas and clothing line that was on display at a gallery while on sale at retail outlets such as, X-Large, Patricia Fields (what up Lonny, wherever you are!), Fab 208, Mei Kai Kids, and others. Before you could get this stuff at Hot Topic, or later Nordstrom’s - back when Fresh Jive was transitioning to Fuct - we would sell our tee-shirts to the the Party Monster-era kids who had their chioce of “Vicks,” “Boo Berry,” “Franken Berry,” “Penelope Pitstop,” “Papa Smurf,” along with brand new characters “Amy Summers (The Bionic Disco Freak),” “Fuzzy Jr.” Those characters where brought to life by P-Funk cover artist, Rondald “Stozo” Edwards, and I can’t tell you what an honor it was to create some new passengers for the MothershipYes, we moved mountains of marshmallows to get our beloved Boo Berry back on the supermarket shelves, and I would say it worked pretty good. I did two, count em, two Boo Berry movies, and I woulda (coulda been a contender!) had a freakin’ trilogy if I didn’t have problems with tempermental illustrators and animators. Sheesh! Before the John Stewart show ever thought about following-up with a live-action Boo-Berry on the skids, we shot our follow-up, Bon Bon Bondage: Boo Berry’s Casting Couch, and we beat Mad TV to a similar sketch before that. I am singularly responsible for bringing back the Boo-fashion in New York City, and I brought him out west with me where I continued to sell to a joint in Los Feliz called Y-Que.But there’s plenty of more time for real story to unfold, and plenty more space for hype hype, hpe! Until then, let the archive begin!