One of my favorite artists has died. Guy Peellaert is a notable figure in both rock and roll and the art worlds, his albums covers for the Stones and Bowie, as well as his book with Nik Cohn, ROCK DREAMS, are nothing less than classic. One part Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, another part Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon, his over saturated colors and hyperrealist style added the perfect decadence to the the most seductive yet disturbing visualizations of the rock era. On his website, it just says “Bye bye bye baby bye bye….”diamonddogscom.jpg(David Bowie - Diamond Dogs 1974)onlyrnr.jpg(Rolling Stones - It’s Only Rock and Roll)Scenes from Rock Dreams:rock-dreams.jpgrock_cafe.jpg  default_rock_dreams_exc_02_0706291116_id_61385.jpg(Stones)bob-dylan-guy-peellaert-rock-dreams.jpg(Dylan)guypeellaertcsny.jpg(CSN&Y)mystonesrckdreams.jpg(there used to be a memorabillia shop on Sunset where my friend Wendy Moore used to work and she sold me this framed poster.Now I give up a secret: If you see below, you may recognize that this picture is what I used for the background of this site. It’s really the back cover of an old beat up copy of Rock Dreams. I wanted this book really badly and I was searching all around. The Iliad book shop in North Hollywood did a search for me (this was before you could get everything so easy on Amazon, or before they reissued the book) and they found two copies for me. One was about ten bucks and the other was less than FIVE! That was way less then EBay prices at the time. rock-dreams-desktopweb.jpgOh, but let’s not forget about his badass poster for Taxi Driverguypeellaert_robertdeniro_taxidriver1.jpgHere’s the Los Angeles Times obit