flag-and-ballot-receipt1.jpgi-voted-flag.jpg Don’t it feel good to be part of the American Dream? I mean, you exercise your right to vote and they give you COLA? It doesn’t get much more American than that! I know I was a part of history today, and so I rushed to the PITFIRE PIZZA COMPANYIn North Hollywood, where they were giving away FREE Jones Cola if you say you voted. Starbucks did the same thing, but I’m already addicted to sugar and I knew all the coffee addicts would make waiting for that coffee longer than waiting on the line to vote.┬áNow when I made it to the pizza place and proudly told them, “I VOTED!” the young lady informed me that they only had the McCain cola left. The whole counter had nothing but McCain’s and I took it as an indication that this election was in the bag for Obama.pure-mccain-cola.png “Pure McCain Cola” may be a clever for every day use, but how could you win an election with that? It’s nowhere as inspiring as “YES WE CAN COLA,” and so it’s easy to see why Obama is gonna wrap this up tonight.jones-front-1.jpgThe Pitfire chick was super nice and she went to the back to look for some Obama juice, and to my delight, she found ONE! THE ONE!(note the “DON’T LOOK BACK ALWAYS LOOK AHEAD” Fortune cookie on my computer) As I write this, I can hear my neighbors celebrate. It’s not official, but it totally is…OBAMA FEVER IS ON FIAH, and it’s gonna burn up the White House…yes-we-can-cola.jpgyes-we-can-side.jpgyes-we-can-2.jpg