Hollywood is experiencing an epidemic of OBAMA FEVER. Don’t confuse this with Jungle Fever - where white guys fantasize about the silky smooth skin like creamy coffee skin of an African American girl and white chicks longing to be satisfied by the taboo of a  strong black man - this is a fever that is accompanied with a feeling of inspiration and delusions of hope. This is a fever capable of infecting a town a town that is normally too self-obsessed and busy pursuing nothing but shallow, greedy, and hedonistic goals, this is…OBAMA FEVER!!!  Some family came to town and we decided to walk around Melrose and West Hollywood, and it occurred to me that this is definitely not McCain Country! There’s Obama art everywhere, Obama clothes everywhere, OBAMA is just EVERYWHERE! From t-shirts, to street art, his image has become a part of the “image” of the most image conscious place on earth. Obama is part of the underground resistance and he’s part of the pop fashion. A good t-shirt can usher you from underground resister to stadium speaker, and I find it quite ironic that Shepard Fairey, an artist who has gone from underground culture to mass culture himself, is now the “face” of Obama. Art and fashion have always been a tool of the underground resistance, and perhaps there’s no better example of it than with the art and apparel of Shepard Fairey. His OBEY GIANT campaign started off as guerilla messages all over NYC and LOS ANGELES (and where ever disgruntled hipster youth chose to take up the cause). Fairey is famous for introducing the backdrop of Russian Constructivism and propaganda-style posters to graffiti culture and later production-line mercantilism; this rebel artist now creates the look for what seems like most of corporate America (Virgin, Led Zeppelin, Nordstrom’s etc., not to mention all the mall clothes that bite him) …oh, and BARAK OBAMA. It’s ironic, when you come to think about it, how the candidate is being accused of being a Socialist and a Communist, and that he’s got too many ties to the radical underground, and who’s doing his propaganda now but the ultimate modern propaganda artist. In fact, no matter how much money Fairey makes, in some circles he’s still considered a vandal and radical artist. He’s famous for glorifying the image of raiders and rebels, people like Sid Vicious, Joseph Stalin, Che Guevara, and Johhny Cash, and now his radicalism is safe enough for the Great Black Hope, Barak Obama and his legion of followers. Fairey’s style, especially these portraits are very Warholian in nature, and when you think about it, the pop artist set the trend when he made pretty pictures or Chairman Mao, and was still invited to conservative dinner-parties. He established that a subversive character could be sold through the power of color and charm, and in a way, it makes sense for Obama to utilize a “radical” artist who conquered the corporate world, because in effect, let’s face it, that’s what America needs right now to get back on track, and that’s kinda what Obama provides.    There’s another way to look at it, however, and that is the use of the Propaganda art, or the Contstructivism in Fairey’s art serves more as a unifier than an agitator. The style is all about Utilitarianism, getting shit done with what’s around. Making something simple that serves the most good for the most people, and as much as it applies to future Commies, it equally applies to the Populist in Obama; the Black James Stewart, or Gary Cooper, if you will. So funny it is, then, that the same image can represent a person that appeals both to the least amount of people (the few radicals we have in the States) and the most amount of people (and common folk like those Reagan Democrats) at the same time. Whether kids are buying his apparel/posters because they’ve been successfully brainwashed or because they’re inspired, doesn’t really matter, Fairey’s images and style template are everywhere, especially among the youth, and if you’re going after the youth you may as well co-opt their visual identity. Which is why Obama’s people were totally genius to hook up with Shepard Fairey. Who cares if they get into Obama as if he’s just another part of their fashion identity, just as long as they vote, and like Shepard Fairey hopes, maybe they’ll social importance of the product will eventually be learned about, and maybe the buyer will soon be activist as well as consumer. In the meantime, you got a cool T-shirt!obama-bkln.jpgobamaclintonmccain1.jpg(a warhol meets jasper johns piece)obamasuper1.jpgSUPER OBAMA!obama-fence.jpg“WELCOME!”obama-big-boysm.jpg(CAN OBAMA HANDLE BOB’S BIG BOY AKA FATSO AMERICA ABOUT TO EXPLODE FROM EVER OVEREXTENDING DEBT AND HUNGER FOR MORE)c157137.jpgjitcrunchaspx.jpegbarack-hope-poster.jpgshepfobammma1.jpg(this photo is from SUPERTOUCHART.COM)