Check out how cool this DOTS bag is, If you’re anything like me, you like ROCKTOBER much more than Christmas, and you hate it when the stores have all that tinsel and stuff out like everybody’s just ready to kick the Halloween season to the curb. Not me. Don’t you love looking at the oversized candy bags at Target or WallyWorld (WalMart)? So I HAD to get this bag of DOTS. I wish I could show you a picture of the actual candy…I’d even put them up to a black light for you to show you how they glow, but I have to admit, we finished them rather quickly. Oh, and another admission; this bag is actually from last year, before I even started this blog. I knew then how much I loved how the plastic bag has a purple and silver mylar look, and the chost characters remind me of Gloop & Gleep from the Herculoids
While I’m on the subject of DOTS. I made this fun little canvas (obviously I called stuff like this “Candy Art,”) for my portfolio/zine/manifesto, TALES OF THE YOO HOO KID: Portrait of the FUN DIP GENERATION. I also shot a few seconds of Super 8 so the piece would be in THE PETITION FOR BOO BERRY. This photo was manipulated using a still from a Polaroid CAPTIVA, which I don’t like nearly as much as regular Polaroid’s.