Reading PAGE SIX of the New York Post, I found this story that can very well be alternately called, “CAMPBELL’S VS. POP BURGER -ROUND 1″:picture-4.pngWho is right in this case? That’s a tough one considering Warhol was all about confusing the line between the art and the brand, in fact, he was all about the art of the brand. In one way, the owner of a store has a right to display his/her favorite artwork in an attempt to establish decor and vibe, so the Soup Can painting isn’t any different than hanging a Van Gogh in a coffee shop. But is it OK to use the art of a specific BRAND to as a representation of your own BRAND? Well, isn’t that what Warhol did when he got famous for those Soup Can’s to begin with? Campbell’s were appreciative of Andy’s work, and as you see in the article, they even participated in his endeavors, but perhaps that was because he not only hyped their brand, but he sold canvas and not food. . . though they don’t sell soup.1324092359_l.jpgwarhol_campbells-soup.jpg(I had this poster on my door at Northeastern, but some Masshole ripped it down)