I refuse to believe it’s just a coincidence. No way! I mean, forget the British, it’s the Aussie’s that are coming! First there is a new AC/DC album out called BLACK ICE. There’s only a few places you can get this release today, WalMart being one of them, or you can go down to the ROCK BAND STORE(the MTV Store in NYC) at Hollywood and Highland and find the “Black Ice Truck.”2962136294_3b6e7b8c18_o.jpg(got this photo from ACDCrocks I would swear that the artwork is by OBEY GIANT and OBAMA’S new man, Shepard Fairey, but I’m not sure)       zzz2773855937_15f0386c65-1.jpg         

(The new single, “Rock ‘ Roll Train.” But more appropriate is the album cut below, “Skies On Fire.”)  

42990947.jpgAnother form of attack comes by the landing of Qantas’s new Airbus A380 at LAX. According to the Los Angeles Times, it’s the worlds largest jet and can seat about 450 people (though what does about mean, someone has to leave half their body behind?) Flying aboard Qantas Flight 93 from Melbourne, Australia was Two of a Kind co-stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. No one has reported prying fellow pilot Travolta out of the cockpit, but rumors of his sexual persuasion aren’t about to be squashed after he walked up and down the aisle dressed as a flight attendant. Then again, look who just made the Two of a Kind reference?                               

 (Here’s a Two of a Kind-era interview with Olivia and John on a plane, of course)