Sure, the very concept of our democracy is at stake (someone say A1 Steak Sauce?), but hey, we’re in the middle of the second coming of the 80s (except this time we’re getting rid of the conservatives) and you must allow just a few minutes (like 127 minutes) to indulge in some frivolous decadence. Yes I’m talking about “Rio” and “Hungry Like A Wolf.” I’m talking about DURAN DURAN

They weren’t all boyish looks, made-up in make-up and expensive clothes, Duran Duran actually wrote some good songs, and while we may be into all things Nagel again, they were one of the few bands whose music wasn’t forgotten when the 90s came in, in fact, they were able to produce a few more hits. But really, is there any album that represents the 80s like Rio? There really isn’t. No “retro” advertising goes unpublished or broadcasting without reutilizing Duran’s utilization of that Nagel look.

The DVD has interviews with everyone involved with making the original album, as well as the folks in the U.S. that would try to position them to make it in the States. This was the beginning of MTV, so director Russell Mulcahy talks about what it was like making Indiana Jones for the small screen with the Rio video, and how important it was for the band as well as the new medium. Of course, what also makes the CLASSIC ALBUMS series so cool is when reel up the songs and sit by the mixing console showing us all the different components that went into making a hit. I love that stuff!