Cleaning out the the mess-pad today, I came across my these bid paddles from the Kiss Auction that took place over two days at the end of June, 2000. My coverage of the event appeared in GOLDMINE on September 8, 2000, and aside from mentioning the presence of John 5 and other famous Kiss fans, I noted how crazy it was that a “dolphin sketch” by Gene Simmons went for almost 9 grand! Sheesh, if I had the cash, I would’ve bought every Ace costume there. Former Ace replacement Bruce Kulick was cool enough to give me some quotes. I never thought I’d say this, but seeing what Kiss is doing now makes me long for the Aslyum days (Crazy Nights would be going too far)Enjoy this blast from the near-past.And here’s some more on what sold and for how much, according to Kiss fan-site, KISS ASYLUMkiss-auction-card-1.jpgkiss-auction-card-2.jpg(note how the AUCTION is made too look like AUCOIN) goldmine-kiss-auction.jpg