Let’s talk about “Energy Drinks!” Before there was Red Bull, Full Throttle, and even Jolt Cola, there was COKE! The line between thirst satisfying beverage and stimulant addiction had been blurred long ago. I’ve always known that sugar is a drug, and that many of us are addicted to it. But there was much more than a little sugar and Kola nut in “Coca” cola…Coca Cola actually had Cocaine in it…or COKE! This new COCAINE beverage is just being more direct about it, and though it doesn’t actually any white powder in it, the can is pretty cool. This is an “adult” beverage, of course, lest a corporation try to sell a vice to kids…like those candy cigarettes or  gum cigars that blow powder smoke.  cocaine-sodasm.jpg cocacola-advert.gifkoke2.jpgcocaine_ad_coke1.gif