When the Fun Dip Generation was in full swing, all I could think about was JUNK. I would beg borrow and steal just to get my hands on more JUNK. I took all my Cal Art’s scholarship and loan money and spent it on JUNK. I went to Smart and Final and bought the junk in bulk, piled the boxes high, and all around the place. Lemonheads Jawbreakers, Jolly Ranchers, Sprees,’ just JUNK, JUNK, JUNK! So when Kent Hayward asked me to contribute to our Film/Video newsletter (this ran in April of ‘96), IN-SYNC, you can be sure I made it all about my addiction.Written under my Yoo-Hoo Kid moniker, I’ve noticed that things are a little different today; the racist packaging of the Cherry Clan box have now been changed to Cherryheads, and Alexander the Grape is now Grapeheads. It’s a little bit of the absurd from a Fun-Dip snorting filmmaker.  cx_cherrychan2.jpgcx_alexander.jpg(p.s.) I got these two candy box photos from the CandyWrapperMuseum, please check out that site) cal-arts-ferrara-pansm.jpg