Every year Music Connection does a Guitar and Bass Issue. I happen to end up doing them most of the time. I dig talking to the new up and coming players, but I LOVE talking to the old cats. I did double duty for this issue, as in addition to the 2008 GUITAR/BASS JAM (ALLAN HOLDSWORTH, DONITA SPARKS, JAMES McMURTRY, FRANKIE BELLO, BRUNO MASCOLO JR.), I also did the STANLEY JORDAN cover story. For fun, I did that article under the name Mark Klein. Check them out 

stanley-jordan-cover.png  Click for the STANLEY JORDAN COVER STORYClick  for the GUITAR/BASS JAM 2008 Here are some of these players in action:

Frankie’s in front of a Zoom banner, and that’s funny because I interviewed him using the Zoom H4 and he had one too!


p.s. I’m posting this work for portfolio reasons. I saved the article off of the web, but should you want to view the piece as it originally appeared, then you should go to the Music Connection website and order from their back issues section.