Say it ain’t so Demon! The news is out that has caught the real Gene Simmons on tape.

Simmons, who has been in the public eye lately with his Family Jewels “reality” show and more recently on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, has issued this statement about the tape on his own website,

Hi everyone,
You may have heard or seen garbage that has sprung up from my past. Rest assured the proper legal team is looking at all ramifications and options. __And us? Shannon, Nick and Soph are happy and healthy. All is well. And thank you all for the kind words of support.

The weird thing is, Gene is calling this stuff garbage from his past, but the girl in the video has been identified as Elsa, one of the Frank’s Energy Drink girls seen the pic below franks-girls.jpg
I know that many of the so-called “unauthorized” sex tapes end up being promoted by the subjects themselves, but I really think Gene was set-up here. I mean, he’s got an ego, but not even Gene wants that unflattering video of himself out there, not to mention the danger it poses to his career. He was the star of a Nickelodeon cartoon called, My Dad The Rock Star, and I don’t imagine they want to change it to My Dad The Porn Star. His statement makes me think he’s commenting on a different sex tape because the Frank’s banner is still on his website.

I know it’s a scummy business, but I think it’s super bottom of the barrel to “set-up” Gene Simmon’s just to prove that he’s unfaithful to Shannon. That’s just dumb, and his kids don’t deserve it either. It sucks because first there was Gene Simmons my childhood superhero, then there was Gene Simmons the famous businessman asshole, and then there was Gene Simmons the Ozzified reality star, but now there’s Gene Simmons the old man in the sex tape? I will not get that image stuck in my head, so I won’t be watching that one (more than once, maybe). My suspicion is that Frank’s and genesecret are in cahoots.