Aha! I knew something was fishy when my cardboard Jaws mobile fell down yesterday.

One of my favorite actors has died at 75. Roy Scheider, the star of Jaws and other classics, died in Little Rock Arkansas on Sunday. He’s a man’s actor, but he had the sensitivity that we needed as well. I’m not sure if he was finished working on Iron Cross, a film that IMDB lists as “filming,” but the site does say Dark Honeymoon but stand-outs for me include, Blue Thunder, Sorcerer, Marathon Man, and of course, the French Connection. And howabout The Seven-Ups? Many folks don’t remember that one much. He’s the perfect cop, even in movies that were canned, like 52 Pick-up, and Night Game (a personal fave, actually), but he plays an even better dad. There was something about him that made him the perfect father figure for my generation, we just related to him somehow. Maybe it was because he saved us from that big freakin’ shark, but he was always dependable. Who could forget, no matter how hard you try, All That Jazz? Artie Lange from the Howard Stern show said, “Heaven’s gonna’ need a bigger boat,” and I don’t think anyone can say it better than that!


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