In the song “London Calling,” Joe Strummer warned that “London is drowning,” but what would he say if he saw his old rehearsal spot was about to go up in flames.

pic by the AP
The Clash and now Amy Winehouse (here at the boring Grammys) are just a couple of names that have given props to the historic hood, but she must’ve been especially sad to see the Hawley Arms, one of her favorite pubs, in danger. The hallowed Roundhouse is just down the block, and the list of bands went through that place is just ridiculous. The BBC put out an article asking if Camden Town is new music Mecca. I got to walk through the market just as they were starting to close up, and I saw Pink Grease that night, though I can’t exactly remember if it was at the Electric Ballroom or not.

Now that I know that no one was hurt, let’s celebrate UK’s great FIRE BRIGADE!