It was a different world when Mr. Karcher opened up some hot dog stands back in 1941. Los Angeles was brewing with action, car culture was about to take over,and he would beat the McDonald brothers to the punch by a couple of years. Carl’s is no McDonald’s as far as volume goes, but combined with its sister chain, Hardee’s (which was struggling when it took over Roy Rogers chains but has been doing much better since it adopted the Star), they’ve got the fourth biggest market share in the burger biz (after McDonalds, BK, and Wendy’s). Karcher may of had some Leave It To Beaver dreams for the image of his company, and he practically went to an early grave when the execs decided go with more racey advertising.

I had my first Carl’s Jr. when I moved out to Valencia California, and I have to admit I took a liking to it. Though I was never crazy about their fries and I think their regular hamburger stinks, I liked their grilled BBQ chicken sandwich and their fried zucchini. More recently the Six Dollar Burger became a guilty pleasure of mine, and I almost started to prefer it to Fat Burger (though I’ll take the steak fries over there any day). I must say, that I hate that new commercial they have for it, the one where those office guys are willing to pay twenty bucks a piece for the Six Dollar Burger. It’s not THAT good!
Here’s the New York Times link

And a look at some commercials:

Here’s the Paris one. You Tube requires age verification to see it. This ain’t no, “Where’s the Beef?”

The “Hot For Teacher” inspired “flat buns” commercial that as also banned

here’s the “Slow Ride” mechanical bull commercial

here’s the infamous “fisting” commercial for hardee’s

And now that we’re talking about Hardee’s here’s an old one when they merged with Roy Rogers.

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